31 March 2014

More hats! - Lisää hattuja!

I have made more hats! This time a cap for a man, and another for a lady.

12 January 2014

Green hat - Vihreä hattu

Here is the green hat I promised! I think that I have been a bit too careful with decorating the hats. I tried to be bolder this time, but I still could experiment more.

28 December 2013

Pink hat - Pinkki hattu

I am getting reaaally fond of making hats! Here is a pink one I made. The next one is going to be green.

08 December 2013

Straw hat and basket - Olkihattu ja -kori

I had bought a package of miniature hat straw few years ago and I looked for it now, as I got interested in hat making. Before I started, I looked for some tips on the Internet and I found a useful tuturial from Lorraine's Miniatures. So, here is my first straw hat and basket.

27 November 2013

Making ribbon roses - Nauharuusujen tekoa

I am making more miniature hats and I needed more embellishments for them. I bought a miniature rose maker and some ribbon from The Miniature Haberdashery (a charming shop!). I had to try a couple of times before I figured out how to make them. Different kinds of ribbons make different kinds of roses; I like organza ribbons the most.

07 November 2013

Hat and bonnet - Hattu ja myssy

I got the patterns from two great books that I have, "Sewing Dolls' Clothes" (27 projects from the Dolls' House Magazine) and "Making and Dressing Dolls' House Dolls" (by Sue Atkinson). I cut the pattern pieces from thin cardboard and glued the fabric on them. I very much enjoyed making the hats and I want to make more! I think I will try to make a straw hat next.


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