09 November 2014

Rocking horse and other purchases - Caballo mecedor y otras compras

Irmeli and I were shopping in Helsinki yesterday. We made a round in the craft stores and we first went to Hobby Point, where I bought a new paper punch for making miniature flowers. Then we visited Askarelli, where we were delighted to find out that they now sell some Gepetto products. I bought myself a rocking horse kit. And then we went to Sinelli, where I found some nice sheets of double-sided cardboard. 

We were also happy to visit the new Marks and Spencer store, which opened in Helsinki last month, for the first time. I often buy from M&S online, but it will be nice to be able to shop in the store whenever I am visiting Helsinki.

21 October 2014

Miniature silverware - Vajillas de plata

As I have recently bought lots of new metal beads and findings, I now began to use them for making some new silverware for my dollshouse. It is quite fun to spread all kinds of bits and pieces on the table and to start to think and try which of them fit nicely together. Here is some of my new silverware on display in the Erlenhof dining room.

14 October 2014

Crocheted tablecloth - Mantel a ganchillo

Crocheting continues! Here is my new table cloth. The flower in the middle is a traditional pattern, but the rest of the pattern I designed while crocheting.

19 September 2014

Dollshouse curtains - Cortinas para casa de muñecas

I have not been making miniatures for a long while. We had our son's confirmation party in July, and before it, my craft table was a total mess as usual, but I cleared it for the big day. After the day had gone, it took me a long time to get inspired of making minis again. It is kind of funny, but an empty and neat crafting table isn't very inviting! Only since I have bought some new supplies and have found some miniatures at the flea market and have tossed them on the table, I have started to feel comfy by it again!
Anyway, I have now been making curtains for Erlenhof. I crocheted a pair of blue curtains for the window in the hallway and made two pairs of lace curtains for the bedroom.

04 July 2014

Cross stitch pattern: football - Diagrama punto de cruz: pelota

Finland did not qualify to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and my two favourite teams, Spain and England, had to go home early. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying watching the games. To celebrate the sport, I made a football cross stitch pattern. Here you are!

28 June 2014

Printables: Tissue boxes - Imprimibles: Cajas de pañuelos

I have not made any printables for a long while, but now here are some new ones which I made today: tissue boxes.

24 June 2014

Crocheted rug - Alfombra ganchillo

I crocheted this rug for the nursery in Erlenhof. I thought a lot about my dear Grandmother while I was making it. Back in the 60's or 70's, Grandma crocheted several 1:1 rugs rather similar to this. I remember that we had two green ones and a grey one in my home. When Grandma was not capable of crocheting anymore, she gave a bundle of her old crochet hooks to me, among them one big one which she used for crocheting rugs. It is very much bigger than the hook which I used for making this rug!

More crocheted miniatures here.


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