14 October 2014

Crocheted tablecloth - Mantel a ganchillo

Crocheting continues! Here is my new table cloth. The flower in the middle is a traditional pattern, but the rest of the pattern I designed while crocheting.

19 September 2014

Dollshouse curtains - Cortinas para casa de muñecas

I have not been making miniatures for a long while. We had our son's confirmation party in July, and before it, my craft table was a total mess as usual, but I cleared it for the big day. After the day had gone, it took me a long time to get inspired of making minis again. It is kind of funny, but an empty and neat crafting table isn't very inviting! Only since I have bought some new supplies and have found some miniatures at the flea market and have tossed them on the table, I have started to feel comfy by it again!
Anyway, I have now been making curtains for Erlenhof. I crocheted a pair of blue curtains for the window in the hallway and made two pairs of lace curtains for the bedroom.

04 July 2014

Cross stitch pattern: football - Diagrama punto de cruz: pelota

Finland did not qualify to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and my two favourite teams, Spain and England, had to go home early. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying watching the games. To celebrate the sport, I made a football cross stitch pattern. Here you are!

28 June 2014

Printables: Tissue boxes - Imprimibles: Cajas de pañuelos

I have not made any printables for a long while, but now here are some new ones which I made today: tissue boxes.

24 June 2014

Crocheted rug - Alfombra ganchillo

I crocheted this rug for the nursery in Erlenhof. I thought a lot about my dear Grandmother while I was making it. Back in the 60's or 70's, Grandma crocheted several 1:1 rugs rather similar to this. I remember that we had two green ones and a grey one in my home. When Grandma was not capable of crocheting anymore, she gave a bundle of her old crochet hooks to me, among them one big one which she used for crocheting rugs. It is very much bigger than the hook which I used for making this rug!

More crocheted miniatures here.

07 June 2014

At a Miniatures Fair

Irmeli and I visited the Miniatures Fair in Lahti today. It was organised by the Dollshouse hobbyists' assocation of Päijät-Häme. This is one of my purchases, a Lundby stove from the '70s. I am going to place it in my 1:16 scale Lisa dollshouse.
I also bought this Siamese cat
and these nail decals which can also be used for decorating miniatures. They are similar to the  water slide decals which I just recently tried for the first time.
I also bought some fabrics, plates and other dishes and several kinds of findings, frames etc.
A very good fair day indeed!

17 May 2014

Water slide decals for decorating - Siirtokuvia koristeluun

I bought some floral water slide decals from Eden Miniaturas and I tried them for decorating this cupboard. I am quite pleased with the result. I have never used such decals before. I messed a bit with the tiniest pieces when they were wet - some of them just disappeared somewhere from my fingers! But luckily I bought several sheets, so I have plenty of extra pieces. I am going to use them for decorating more furniture and some plates and other dishes.


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