13 August 2015

Miniature food from silk clay - Comida en miniatura con silk clay

I just love this new silk clay stuff! It feels quite sticky af first, but when you work it in your hands, it becomes dryer and more comfortable to handle. As it is light and soft, it is easy to cut it also when it has dried. Here are some toasts, slices of sausage and cheese, butter and eggs.
And here is a cake, some pastries and chocolate chip and peanut bisquits. I made more bisquits than those eight on the plate. I wonder what has happened to the rest - maybe Elsa the cat has been having some fun with them! 

30 July 2015

Miniature mortar from stone clay - Mortero en miniatura

I have been trying different kinds of clays. This mortar and pestle are made from air dry stone clay. I like the result very much, but I found working with the clay a a bit difficult as it was so... sandy!

These rustic terracotta dishes are made from basic air dry Fimo.

And here is a tray and plates which I decorated with water slide decals  which I recently made. 

I have also been making some miniatures from silk clay and foam clay. I will post pictures of them soon!

10 July 2015

Miniature flower stand - Soporte de flores

I discovered the air-dry polymer clay quite recently and these flower pots are one of the first things which I made from it. I really like it because if you use molds, you can just leave the items to dry in the molds overnight. 

I made the flowers from silk paper and the green leaves from papercord. When you open papercord, you get nice variegated paper strips.

The legs of the stand are made from ornate toothpicks.

24 June 2015

Making miniature decals - Hacer calcomanias para miniaturas

I tried making miniature decals for the first time already some time last year. I made just few ones to start with and they came out fine. Here are two plates which I decorated with them then.

Now I wanted to make some more and I decided to make a whole sheet of them at a time. After printing the pictures on the paper (inkjet waterslide decal paper) I let the ink dry for half an hour before spraying the sheet with varnish a couple of times. Now I will just have to be patient enough to wait until the varnish has dried - that is the most difficult part! :-) 

20 June 2015

Titti's giveaway

A few days ago I got a nice message from Titti telling me that I had won in the giveaway in her blog! So exciting! The prize was this lovely cross stitch cushion, which I like very much. It will suit very well on some of the sofas or chairs in my Erlenhof.

Titti's has a wonderful Ekeborg Mansion dollshouse. You can visit her blog here.

06 June 2015

the Doll Store in Dublin, Ireland - la Tienda de Muñecas en Dublin, Irlanda

Hubby and I spent a nice few days in Dublin, Ireland. (We had a good craic! :-D ) We visited the Doll Store, which is also home to the Dolls Hospital, located in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre on South William Street.

It is a quaint shop with a large range of dolls and bears, too, but I concentrated on the dolls house miniatures. I bought a Dolls House Emporium stove and some Vanity Fair glassware and a toast rack. These Vanity Fair products are new to me, or at least I do not remember seeing them before.

05 April 2015

The best Easter surprise! - La mejor sorpresa de Pascua!

I got the best surprise this Easter! My friend Pirkko brought me a mysterious old shoe box and when I opened it, I could hardly believe my eyes! The box was full of old dolls and dollshouse furniture which Pirkko used to play with in the 1960's. They are just the kind of vintage furniture which I have been looking for in the flea markets to put into my Lisa dollshouse.
This red wooden kitchen table set is adorable!
Another wooden table set. It is very well made. It looks like solid mahogany.
The two lamps were real working lamps when Pirkko had them in her dollshouse. I have not had the time to try them yet.
This red plastic sofa set is made by Combex, England.
All the dolls have moving eyes. I especially like the little girl in the middle.
The rubber bands holding these dolls together have crumbled apart in the course of time. The dolls now need some tender loving care!

Thank you Pirkko!