27 April 2008

Moomin house inhabitants

Here are the inhabitants of my Moomin house: Snork Maiden and Moomin Troll. I was first thinking about crocheting some Moomins, but as these key chain Moomins are just the right size for my Moomin house, I dediced to buy them.
Who are the Moomins?
Read more about them here!


Saph said...

They are soo cute! I love looking at miniature doll houses. It's amazing the detail on everything.

LizzyT said...

The Moomin dolls are so cute. I used to love playing with my dolls house when I was a little girl. I love the miniature dolls houses you can get now and the detail on the items to go in them is amazing. It must make a wonderful hobby.

Sarah said...

I used to love the Moomins! Those dolls are lovely!

Sarah xoxox