12 July 2008

Miniature dressing table

This dressing table is for the Erlenhof bedroom. I made the table from balsa, and I have bought the ceramic roses and filigree pieces from Sayila.


Biby said...

Hello Minna! Thank you for your visit to my blog.
I make a link to your blog....Your dollshouse is lovely. Congratulations!

Polly Peirce said...

Hi Minna! Thanks for fuelling my blog. I still love your blog; the intricacy of the work involved in making stuff for your dolls house is incredible.

I took a trip to your friends blog also, unfortunately your parasol is lovely but I don't speak the language so nothing mad any sense to me!

Thank you for posting in English; it opens many doors and showcases your work to an audience who wouldn't see it otherwise.

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

This piece of furniture is a work of art. It is marvelous. It is hard to believe that you made it out of balsa wood. When I come back I will take the time to look at more of your work. Beautiful!!

craftymug said...

The dressing table is beautiful. You are very talented.

minisdecris said...

hello Minna¡ I'ts a beutiful table.
Regards from Canary Islands

laane said...

It's lovely.
Very nice work.
Did you use a tutorial?

Have a nice week.

Minna said...

Thank you! I did not use a tutorial. I looked at pictures of different kinds of mini dressing tables and then made plans for my own table.

Laane said...

Wow!. That makes this dressing table even more amazing.