10 August 2008

Clothes rack

I made a clothes rack for the maid's room in Erlenhof. It is easier to display clothes and other things in a rack than in a closet.

I have a lot to learn with making clothes. I was making a coat for a male doll, but I cut the pieces too small, and it became a ladies' coat, instead.


Babette said...

Hello, you have a wonderful hobby. You are very creative too. I love the things you created. I love doll houses but I don't own one. I hope to get one someday.

herzblut777 said...

It's sooo beautiful!!! I like it very much!!!

Kathleen Milazzo said...

Nice work and great blog! I love, love, love miniatures. I designed and made a dollhouse from scratch a few years ago out of particle board and I had only one floor open at the top, the rooms were awesome especially my dining room. One day I'd like to recreate it and furnish it, I'd also like to make it a real house and move in myself, but for now it's just a thought! Keep up the wonderful work.

canidatri@hotmail.com said...

Hola me ha encantado ver tu blog, eres una artista haces minis preciosas.
Un saludo.