07 September 2009

Decorating miniature plates with decoupage - Nukkekodin lautasten koristelu decoupagetekniikalla

Supplies: gaskets from the tops of lemonade bottles, paper napkins, regular craft varnish or decoupage varnish, acrylic paint

Tarvikkeet: limupullonkorkkien tiivisteitä, paperisia lautasliinoja, tavallista askartelulakkaa tai decoupagelakkaa, akryylimaalia


Duni said...

Those plates are so cute! Thanks for sharing the 'how-to'!

kathi said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I'm going to try this!

Anna said...

Hi Minna,
you have made very nice plates!

You can also paint them first with acryl to get a brighter look, or if you want to make it with light colored napkins.
Best wishes

Unknown said...

Those are really beautiful--and you make it look so easy! :)

Maria Jose said...

A good idea !