06 December 2010

Assembling a doll - Nuken kasaamista

I assembled this Wilfred doll kit, which I have bought from Tower House Dolls. I used pipe cleaners and felt fabric for making the body. The funny thing was that I had watched " Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" (the Kenneth Branagh version) on tv the previous day, and when I was sewing my doll together, I could not help thinking about Victor Frankenstein piecing his frightening creature. But luckily my doll did not turn out to be a monster! ;-)
Kokosin tämän Wilfred-nukkekitin, jonka olin ostanut Tower House Dolls -kaupasta. Käytin vartalon tekemiseen piippurasseja ja huopakangasta. Oli hassua, että olin katsonut tv:stä " Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" -elokuvan (Kenneth Branaghin version) edellisenä päivänä, ja nukkea kokoon ommellessani en voinut olla ajattelematta Victor Frankensteinia kasaamassa pelottavaa oliotaan. Mutta onneksi nukestani ei tullut hirviötä! ;-)
Hyvää Suomen  itsenäisyyspäivää!


Lilsdolls said...

Dockan blev jättefin. En riktigt snygg karl!

Ascension said...

Te ha quedado fantastico.
No tiene nada que ver con Franquenstein, tu muñeco es muchisimo mas guapo jejeje
Que buen trabajo.
besitos ascension

Marisa Stein said...

wow, that looks awesome can't wait to see it clothed!


Russ said...

Great job Minna.Now what is next? Do you have the next step ready?

Fairybutterfly said...

It´s so nice! I need a man for my dollhouse. If I find the parts I will make one like yours! Kisses!

Vakadi said...

Thank you for your post!
I enjoy painting miniatures(Original) for doll houses. Look at my work if you have some time! My works on Ebay Thanks, I subscribed to your blog!

Minna said...

Thank you! Russ: the next step is to decide the colour of his hair. I have not been able to make up my mind about it yet. But maybe he does not need any hair at all!?