07 July 2011

Dollshouse links reorganized - Nukkekotilinkit järjestetty uudelleen

I have reorganized my dollhouse miniatures links page and I fixed some broken links. You are very welcome to give me link suggestions and there is a link for that in the links page. Please note that as there are sooo many lovely dollhouse miniatures blogs out there, I am not listing blogs separately in the links. but the blogs which I follow can be seen in my blogroll on the left sidebar. I would be happy to receive hints of online shops selling dollhouse miniatures and supplies as well as general arts and crafts supplies. As I live in Finland, I am naturally interested in shops which offer international delivery (with reasonable shipping costs).

Olen järjestellyt nukkekotilinkkisivuni uudelleen ja korjannut toimimattomia linkkejä. Uudet linkkiehdotukset ovat tervetulleita ja niitä varten löytyy linkkisivulta oma linkki. Huom. koska ihania nukkekotiblogeja on niiiin paljon, en listaa blogeja linkkeihin erikseen, mutta seuraamani blogit näkyvät vasemman laidan blogirollissa. Otan mielelläni vastaan vinkkejä nettikaupoista jotka myyvät nukkekotiminiatyyrejä ja tarvikkeita sekä erilaisia askartelu- ja käsityötarvikkeita. Olen tietenkin kiinnostunut kaupoista, jotka toimittavat Suomeen (kohtuullisilla postikuluilla).


Lilsdolls said...

Well done! Very easy to find different kinds of links there. Fun for us who is visiting. Thank you for that! :)
By for now from sunny Sweden..,

Minna said...

Tack så mycket Lil!

Russ said...

Great job Minna. I am now following on your link page.

playmobil hospital said...

This reminds me of my childhood days when I would play with my dolls all day :) . Now I would use them as a subject to my art.

Debs said...

Hi Minna
Enjoyed your blog, I have just become a follower, perhaps you would like to take a look at my blog -www.heverbellminiaturescouk.blogspot.com I am very new to blogging and have a lot to learn. Perhaps you could tell me what you think? Warm Regards


LENIRA said...

www.aninhaminiaturas.com.br Esta loja também vende para o exterior do Brasil e tem uma versão em inglês.