03 March 2013

A ladies hat and hat stands - Rouvan hattu ja hattutelineitä

I crocheted a ladies hat and embellished it.
Virkkasin rouvalle hatun ja koristelin sen.
I also made a couple of hat stands. The base is made from a wooden bowl and the neck and head are wooden beads.
Tein myös pari hattutelinettä. Alaosa on puisesta kulhosta ja kaula ja pää on tehty puuhelmistä.


AM said...

It looks amazing. I love all the details you added to the hat. Wishing you a great day! gr. AM

Anna Amnell said...

I'd call that Easter hat.:) Really nice.

Fabiola said...

I like your original hat.
Bye Faby

Margaret said...

It looks like a 'hat of plenty' rather than a horn of plenty, it is great and so are your hatstands.

Rosa said...

Es precioso !!