12 July 2013

Kitchen sink from polymer clay - Tiskiallas polymeerimassasta

I needed a new sink for the kitchen in Erlenhof and I made it from polymer clay. I know that it looks quite bumpy, but it was a lot more bumpy before I sanded it! (Fortunately you are able to sand Fimo after baking it.) In the other picture you can see the sink in the kitchen, which is still very unfnished.

Tarvitsin Erlenhofin keittiöön uuden tiskialtaan ja tein sen polymeerimassasta. Tiedän että se näyttää aika muhkuraiselta, mutta se oli vieläkin muhkuraisempi ennen kuin hioin sen! (Onneksi Fimoa pystyy hiomaan paistamisen jälkeen.) Toisessa kuvassa näet altaan keittiössä, joka on vielä hyvin keskeneräinen.


Steinworks said...

I dont think it's bumpy at all, I think it fits right in!

great job

Marisa :)

Minna Hatara said...

Thank you Marisa! :-)

Ruth said...

Oh, that turned out very nicely Minna, I am planning to make a similar sort of sink for a shabby shic style caravan I'm doing for next year's mini club project, I saw a farmhouse or belfast style sink on Etsy, with that deep square basin in the center, wooden doors on each side and a floral curtain under the sink and I simply fell in love. I was not in love with the price though, which was about 50 dollars not including shipping, so I resolved to try and figure out how to make my own. I did some research and discovered I could make the sink portion out of clay and then discovered a tutorial on about.com minatures for making it out of plaster. I will make the rest of the sink out of matt board, I am still very much a newbie in the furniture making department and don't have the proper skills or equipment to work with wood yet. Lovely sink.

Indy_Poppy said...

The sink looks great. IndyPoppy

Sans! said...

Minna, your sink is rustic. I love what you call the "bupiness" of the sink. My grandaunt use to own one just like this. It felt like a 1000 years old and well loved :).

Dorien Litjes said...

Dear Minna,
I think your sink looks beautiful. It's a very old one I think.
You should the dishes before taking a picture. ;-)
Greetings Dorien

Fabiola said...

I like this rustic sink. Perfect in your kitchen.
Greetings, Faby

MelyMel said...

is fabulous, great job!

Raquel said...

Pues ha quedado muy bien. Esa irregularidad es la que le da su encanto.

PILAR6373 said...

A mi me gusta mucho como te ha quedado!!! Gracias a que es irregular le da el encanto de lo rústico que no hay dos piezas iguales!!!

Sara said...

me encanta así desigual no perfecto, es genial!

Minimax-ww said...

Hele leuke spoelbak,prachtig

groetjes willy

Minimax-ww said...

De spoelbak is prachtig geworden.

groetjes willy