19 September 2014

Dollshouse curtains - Cortinas para casa de muñecas

I have not been making miniatures for a long while. We had our son's confirmation party in July, and before it, my craft table was a total mess as usual, but I cleared it for the big day. After the day had gone, it took me a long time to get inspired of making minis again. It is kind of funny, but an empty and neat crafting table isn't very inviting! Only since I have bought some new supplies and have found some miniatures at the flea market and have tossed them on the table, I have started to feel comfy by it again!
Anyway, I have now been making curtains for Erlenhof. I crocheted a pair of blue curtains for the window in the hallway and made two pairs of lace curtains for the bedroom.


Fabiola said...

Very beautiful!

Julie Benningfield said...

The curtains are cute. The puppy in the window makes them even more appealing! I do better with a neat crafting table. Yesterday I had officially cluttered every flat surface in my work room, so was forced to declutter a bit to get going again.
Julie B http://www.modularminiatures.com/

Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Muy bonitas.

Merja said...

Beautiful curtains you have made.

PILAR6373 said...

Te han quedado unas cortinas muy bonitas!!!!
Que bien que te hayas vuelto a animar con las minis.

Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Las cortinas te han quedado preciosas!!

Jane Smith said...

Wonderful work!

Giac said...

Hello Mina,
Beautiful work. they look great.
Big hug,