05 April 2015

The best Easter surprise! - La mejor sorpresa de Pascua!

I got the best surprise this Easter! My friend Pirkko brought me a mysterious old shoe box and when I opened it, I could hardly believe my eyes! The box was full of old dolls and dollshouse furniture which Pirkko used to play with in the 1960's. They are just the kind of vintage furniture which I have been looking for in the flea markets to put into my Lisa dollshouse.
This red wooden kitchen table set is adorable!
Another wooden table set. It is very well made. It looks like solid mahogany.
The two lamps were real working lamps when Pirkko had them in her dollshouse. I have not had the time to try them yet.
This red plastic sofa set is made by Combex, England.
All the dolls have moving eyes. I especially like the little girl in the middle.
The rubber bands holding these dolls together have crumbled apart in the course of time. The dolls now need some tender loving care!

Thank you Pirkko!


Uraru said...

The round table set is cute! You got a very nice surprise. : D Happy Easter!

12Create said...

What a lovely gift from Pirkko. That is very special that she gives you what she played with as a child. Happy Easter.

PILAR6373 said...

Unos regalos preciosos!!!!
Feliz Pascua!!

Palmira Palazón Valera said...

Me encanta todas tus cosas, son preciosas!!