30 August 2008

Nanny Fanny and her new clothes

Some time ago I made a good deal on Ebay, as I bought a lot of ten Horsman vinyl dolls. Here is one of the dolls. She became Fanny, the nanny of von Oebskuepsch family.

I made these new clothes for Fanny. I applied some patterns from the book "Sewing Dolls' Clothes" for them. This book has patterns for some very nice dolls' clothes. The patterns are for clothes which are not removable, but I like to make them so that they can be removed.


Camille Minichino said...

I love the "layers," especially the little width of white at the bottom. An underdress?

Camille/Margaret Grace

Minna said...

Yes, Camille, it is an underdress.

Ragtree said...

Minna, GREAT job! I have always wanted to add real clothes to my dolls but I am SOOOO afraid of sewing... Was it difficult to do?

Renee :)

P.S. I love your little miniature world!

Minna said...

Hello Renee! I am really not very experienced with sewing myself and I can assure you that making these dolls clothes is not too difficult. I use very simple patterns which are easy for beginners like myself.