05 September 2008

Patterns for miniature cross stitch - Malleja miniristipistoihin

Do you like cross stitching? In the Floss Box blog you will find a lot of nice small cross stitch patterns suitable for miniatures.

Pidätkö ristipistelystä? The Floss Box blogista löydät paljon kivoja miniatyyreihin sopivia ristipistomalleja.

I have added the Floss Box blog to my links page:
Olen lisännyt Floss Box blogin linkkisivulleni:


Jennifer/OH said...

I've found your blog through :the Floss Box". I love dollhouses and miniatures. I have enjoyed this hobby since 1975 when my mother built her first dollhouse. I have three now(2 I get from my mother's collection and one my husband has built).I make needlework and small wreaths/table displays in the Georgian style for dollhouses. I look forward to reading through all of your posts.

asmaliana said...

Wow your life must be so fun with all the dolls and can make money too.

marga said...

comes a little gift on my blog

a greeting