04 November 2009

Horsman doll Nancy - Horsman-nukke Nancy

She is one of my Horsman dollhouse dolls, Nancy.
Nancy is her original name and as I think that the name suits her very well,
I am not going to rename her.
So, she is maid Nancy in the Erlenhof.

I sewed Nancy a blouse and I crocheted a skirt and a bonnet.

Tämä on yksi Horsman-nukkekotinukeistani, Nancy.
Nancy on hänen alkuperäinen nimensä ja koska minusta nimi sopii hänelle oikein hyvin,
en aio ristiä häntä uudelleen.
Hän on siis Erlenhofin sisäkkö Nancy.

Ompelin Nancylle puseron ja virkkasin hameen ja hilkan.


Kim said...

Nancy is beautiful- you are so very talented with the crochet!

Duni said...

She's very pretty. The name fits her perfectly!

Barbies4Sale! said...

Your crochet is some of the best i've seen. And yes, the name fits her very well. She is beautiful and looks like a Samurai Warrior. All she needs now is her sword, shield, and horse.

Carol said...

She is a true treasure....and I LOVE that room!!