09 April 2012

Wigging and clothing a porcelain doll - Posliininuken hiukset ja vaatteet

I assembled this porcelain doll a long time ago. As it so often happens, I forgot him for a long while, until I now decided that it was time for him to get wigged and clothed. I used viscose doll hair for his wig. It was the first time that I have made such a long doll hair. I was too unpatient for looking for any instructions, and so I just started to glue bunches of hair to his head, starting from the neck and proceeding to the top of the head. I think it turned out ok. Besides, as you can see, he is not a snob gentleman, but a relaxed hobo type, and that is why his hair does not have to be that groomed either!


Susanna Zanchi said...

hello!Very beautiful!Ciao!

dollhouse miniature said...

Is he wearing a pirate hat? He reminds me of one of the pirates from that movie. I won't mention the name.