10 July 2015

Miniature flower stand - Soporte de flores

I discovered the air-dry polymer clay quite recently and these flower pots are one of the first things which I made from it. I really like it because if you use molds, you can just leave the items to dry in the molds overnight. 

I made the flowers from silk paper and the green leaves from papercord. When you open papercord, you get nice variegated paper strips.

The legs of the stand are made from ornate toothpicks.


Isabel Ruiz Alonso said...

Muy bonito.

Steinworks said...

they are so pretty, great job

Marisa :)

miniaturista said...

Te han quedado estupendas,
Un abrazo

Giac said...

Hello mina,
Great work. They are lovely.
Big hug,

Fabiola said...


Niele♡ said...

I use such polymer clay to make pots too. Its great. Your pots are beautiful. I am following your blog:D
It will be great if you visit my blog and follow. ♥