24 June 2022

Miniature storage boxes

I bought this set of plastic pill boxes from Muji.
They make nice miniature plastic storage boxes.

30 January 2022

Happy Puffin Beach Café

Welcome to Happy Puffin Beach Café! My coffee shop has now got a name 😄
The café also sells some gifts and souvenirs.
I have made the other printables myself, but the paintings on the top shelf are made from digital printies which I bought from Etsy shop Pixelmarket. I was very satisfied with the printies; they are of great quality.

17 January 2022

Crocheted bag and hat

I have crocheted a few miniature accessories lately. 

Here are some of them.

11 January 2022

Miniature trays - Bandejas miniaturas

I needed some trays for my café, 
so I made them from the base of a plastic takeaway sushi box. 
I first painted them white and then decorated them with pieces of paper napkins